take two

Well. I sent my script to my director late last night, thinking, at least I have something, fully confident that directors are normally too polite to point out if it's rubbish. Hanna was in fact very polite. But unfortunately she spotted the minor flaw in my piece: that it wasn't very good. She was very diplomatic about how she drew this to my attention but I picked up on her sweet and gentle comments. After a very depressed morning (yes, aero again), I ended up ditching half the script, reworking it, and writing something faintly ridiculous...

I find myself sitting in the dark scratching my head now (I forgot to turn the lights on and didn't realise that I'd been sitting here for hours). I sent it off to her, this time massively apprehensive, but she just called and seems so much happier with it, uttering the words 'I really like it'. So that seems to be a start. And she says she's found some great actors. So now I'm meeting her tomorrow morning (I'm not a morning person like Sue so this may not go so well) to discuss it before our 10 am rehearsals..... eeek......

So I might go for a run now to counteract the chocolate consumed today. Or perhaps I might turn the lights on. Who knows? I'm glad everyone's feeling so inspired. I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing everyone else's and a few stiff drinks on Sunday.


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