2 songs down

Ok. Two songs are written. It's just a question of learning them now. I have rather foolishly attempted quite a long narrative song, a love story really. The fact that it's a love story is not the foolish part. The folly is the length. I now have to memorise the damn thing. No doubt my guitar will be covered, as usual, with little notes sellotaped all over the frame, reminding me how the 2nd verse goes.

Some of you who haven't already dozed off due to my penchant for waffling, may want to know the reason behind a love song. Well, it's kind of a love song to travelling, to seeing the world and meeting new people, and ending up in a strange place, on a beach, with a stranger who has chocolate brown eyes. It's about Bali in the sense that, when something so ugly as suicide bombings happens in somewhere so beautiful and idyllic, it only seems to remind you just how beautiful that place is. So I wanted to look at Bali from the point of view of a couple who were having that 'night' on the same evening that others were suffering. To see the beauty in it still, I guess. It comes over a bit like a tourist information ditty right now, but I'll polish it up.

This process is having a detremental effect on my relationship, but what the hell - I'm writing again, after quite a drought, so thanks to you guys for all making me suitably angry. I must admit that those two hours on Sunday reminded me so much of my horrific Drama school / devised theatre experiences, that I wanted to drink until I was sick when I got home. I don't really deal with creative things that way, not very well anyway, so the fact that I stayed right til the end is testament to you all. It sounds to me like you're all doing wonderful, inspirational things, and I wish you all the best on Sunday. I just have to sit on my own and jingle-jangle on my guitar a little bit - you lot actually have to engage with other people. I don't envy that.

Anyway, I plan to write one more song for reasons best kept to myself. I guess i'm feeling that the two I have are quite serious, and there's nothing I like more than bursting all that with a big shiny pin. So, ...I'm thinking about penguins.


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