the importance of being earnest

I wholeheartedly agree. It's so strange how far down the news agenda the bombs at Bali have already become, and I wonder how much that has to do with our egocentricity. Remember 3 years ago, how it was all over our headlines, for ages, when the bombs went off there? And now, practically nothing. Is that because of 7/7 here...suddenly no one's quite so interested in the bombs of others because we've had our own and so everyone's far too busy freaking about getting on the tube to care about people they don't know who live miles away?

Like everyone else blogging, yes, it's the apathy that gets to me. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to write...I'm pretty much there (mine's promised to my director Hanna by tomorrow morning) and it's a little all over the place. I thought I might write something satricial, perhaps something even (dare I say it) flippant. I tried very hard. Really I did. But the problem is I tend to write heavy doom-laden crap and it is to that which I have naturally returned. Well. Sort of. I now have the evening to polish it all up before wrapping it in a ribbon and sending it off to Hanna. We're going to cast on Wednesday and rehearse Thurs and Fri, so I'm not sure about line learning and whatnot.

Today I have eaten an aero and half a caramel. Writing drives me to chocolate, you see. Particularly writing about stuff that is so fresh, so incensing, so difficult to get your head around.

I thought I might write about the gorillas using sticks and how this is the first step towards them constructing bombs. But somehow I just couldn't work it in. Perhaps next time.

Well. Must go think about how to rescue the twaddle that is currently my script. Wishing everyone else a far less hair-wrenching time. On the other hand, we're sitting in our comfy (okay, cold and draughty and very messy) flats and whatever we think or say, we are currently very removed from all the stuff that's going on over there. As one of my characters might/will say. It makes you think.


Blogger morgan lloyd malcolm said...

I'm right there with you Rachel...its hard to be flippant and witty about something so terrifying and destructive. And I am very interested in all the recent postings...this feeling of apathy and lack of interest is something that became central to what i ended up writing. I will be interested to see how many other people pick up this theme as it seems to be a strong one.
I suppose the only thing that we can do from our cosy comfy surrounds is be true to our feelings and reactions and above all be human and real. I think I may well have done my usual and written a comedy about something quite horrible...but am hoping that it is something more than that. Only time will tell!
Am also totally with you about the chocolate except I am obsessed with dark chocolate. Feeling pretty sick to be honest as just ate almost a whole bar of Green and Blacks...and I'm not even writing at the moment!
Keep going Rachel! Can't wait to read it! xx


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