killer dolphins

so Al has sent me his initial beginnings and scratchy ideas dotted around underneath. I'm really liking it, and Hamish's comments about the lack of coverage of this event make me only more excited about exploring it further. it all comes down to individual stories, finding a way to actually address the issue in a way that the media no longer feel they can. I'm glad we can add a voice to what has happened, especially as the news seems to have given up.

I also sent Al a piece about USA military dolphins that escaped when hurricane Katrina hit. They have toxic darts and have been trained to shoot spies and terrorists. The military are refusing to admit that they may have escaped. I love this idea so much, it's very Austin Powers with sharks and lasers. Just wanted to warn you in case you find yourself in the gulf of mexico. I hope Al can fit it in somewhere.


Blogger Gav said...

this killer dolphins thing is great. it reminds me of the whole penguin carnage of last Sunday. I am keen to write something about this - how governments will use cuddly, peace-loving animals and turn them into objects of war. A new song idea has sprung from this ... i'll keep it underwraps for the time being, but it involves millions of penguins and arabs. Believe it or not, I was not interested in the whole penguin debate, preferring instead to focus on Barnet's disappointing away form on the pub TV screen whilst that was being discussed. But some of must have filtered in. Damn you all.

Blogger al smith said...

er...I'll do my best, Will. I've always loved the killer dolphin, almost as much as I admire the killer whale. How the killer whale has managed to conceal its lasers/toxic darts is beyond me. However, an idea springs to mind - perhaps a new vehicle for Paul Hogan; "Flipper 4, Judgement Day" (I hear a producer at my door)...


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