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I seem to be the most vocal at the moment and I suspect it is because I literally only have today to get the lionshare of my play done so don't worry, after tonight I will probably go very quiet and everyone else can get a word in edgeways!
well I'm getting there. I have five pages of script and i still have about three and a half hours left so looks like this little puppy could be atleast ten minutes long if not more. I went with the theme of the bombings and how they are portrayed in the media and how we are almost becoming immune to it all and am about to find a way to weave in my musings on the video footage of the bombers. Its all quite a simple set up at the moment. Set in a pub, conversation between friends, the kind of stuff everyone does...but who knows what could happen in the next couple of hours!
Just been on the phone to Jenni Maitland who I have almost subconsciously ended up writing a part for and luckily she is able to do it! I spoke to Hamish and he is calling our other actress to see if she is available and I am holding fire on the male actor as I haven't actually written the part yet so don't want to restrict myself...in my head I have a character that a couple of guys could play but I never really know how they end up until they're on the page!
This probably all seems a bit premature but I am acutely aware of how little time I have after today and would like to set it all rolling now so that we can spend the rest of the week tweaking it and making it work! Goddamn my crippled bank balance and my lame-ass temping job...but I gotta eat!

more soon...


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