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After much deliberation over piles of newsprint and a pint or two, the situation in Bali was considered the most important news story of the moment, and thus our topic.

Other news stories that caught the eye included the use of the Terrorism Act to forcibly eject Walter Wolfgang from the Labour Party Conference; Penguins being promoted as proof of intelligent design by the Christian right; a suicide pact made on the internet; Time Magazine's publication of a list of 35 heroes; Turkey's impending accession to the EU and the Kate Moss takes cocaine saga.

Several concepts cropped up repeatedly in relation to various different stories: the creation and definition of heroes, terrorism, suicide, media hypocrisy and the rise of the Christian right. We saw all these concepts in the Bali story, so it became our choice.

Over the course of the next seven days, the artists will post their progress here. Stay tuned.


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