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Been thinking about how to set off on this story, and a couple of elements strike me as being of particular interest. First, I'm fascinated by the footage of these acts that arise. I was reading on the BBC website that there's footage from a tourist of one of the suicide bombers entering one of the restaurants. I haven't seen it yet, but it's excruciatingly watchable - grotesque and fascinating in equal measure. Second, just thinking back a couple of days, it seems to me that the impact of these events really strikes home when the Home Office plasters all over the media the number for a special helpline for relatives of those affected. There's a Jack Lemmon movie called "Missing" where he goes in search of his son who has been 'disappeared' in Chile - the total lack of help that he receives after what he calls an 'act of terrorism' is incredibly moving, and a direction I'm keen to follow. How that will manifest itself, I don't yet know. I think I've got a cast of two, that's up to Will, but I'm greatly looking foward to it.



Blogger Andrew Field said...

i was fascinated for a while by an art instalation by douglas copeland (Canadians generation X guy) based on the columbine high school killings.

it was based on a comment about Columbine by one of the first police officers to go into the school after the shootings. he described how from amongst the bomb wreckage and bodies he could hear the sound of all these mobile phone ring tones, like 'tropical birds', from inside the abandoned back packs of the students as their friends desperately tried to find out what was happening.

if you're interested, there's a picture of the instalation here (http://www.damaris.org/content/content.php?type=1&id=168)

hope everythings going well in london,



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