diversion tactics

Ok, lunch was good and Diagnosis Murder was a thrilling distraction but I really need to get down to the task in hand.
I've been scouring the interenet and re-reading the papers and nothing strikes me more that the idea that a member of the public managed to unwittingly film one of the bombers wandering into one of the restaurants wearing a back pack just seconds before he detonated. It's terrifying. I don't know why but it keeps making me think of horror movies where they film something or take a photograph and then later when watching it back they notice something/someone in it that wasn't there when they first hit the record button. This person who was filming would never have known who he was filming or what was contained in that back pack but then watching it back now must chill him/her to the bone.
It also makes me think of the fact that with all this ability to film and record actual events we are taken so much closer to the action. There is that feeling when watching these recordings that we are watching something irreversible...something that looks so real and yet is an echo that we cannot change. Im waffling now but It never fails to freak me out when watching a ghost/horror film and they use the person in the mirror/film thing. And for some reason I am reminded of that when I watch the amateur footage of the bomber wandering remarkably casually into the restaurant. And this in turn reminds me of a quote from the husband of one of the tube bombing victims..."The two cruellest words in the English language are IF ONLY".
I am starting to form an idea.


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