Here we go...

Well I have to agree with Rachel on the blogging issues she encountered! I tried to create all sorts of fun and 'funky' usernames but someone evidently had got there first with mogstar and mog and morgan and youmustbejokingthisisridiculous...so i decided to go with my name in full which bizarrely no one had claimed...odd.
But here I am. I think last nights personal realisation that, because of my day job and evening commitments, I only have today to write my piece has crept up on me and I am currently scouring the web for more titbits of inspiration!
This is definitely a challenge...but fun...therefore I will try and blog as the day goes on and my ideas begin to form themselves into a script. I have promised my director Hamish that he will have a script in his inbox (oo er) by 10pm tonight so watch this space!
Think I am going to start the process off with some lunch. Perhaps I will write a piece about soup.


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