7AM Woke up with a start, did i agree to make a short film in a one week last night or was that just the guiness talking?...oh no...i think...damn it. Quick check out the window, shit light what am I going to do? Enter on cue soothing words from my producer 'the sun's not even up yet'... ah yes, right, fine, no problem, good, fuck it let's get to work.

9.30AM First shot in the bag, think it will end up on the tail of the film, solar eclipse filmed through green protective glass, looks strangely like the Islam symbol on the flag, that worked out well.

12.50am In town filming up and down Slone Street, London's equivalent to Rodeo Drive Baby but there ain't nothing Rodeo about this drive, what is it with the Brits we're so damn repressed we can't even bling with style and that doesn't work for me when I've teamed up with Chris a performance poet to make a film about the Bali Bombings and the stories I'd heard of locals stealing the rings, bracelets, watches etc from the limbs of victims, then getting an attack of the guilts and returning them to the wrong bodies, thus hampering the identification process. I think the story freaked Chris out abit, but he's writing away, or so he tells me, not heard from him yet.

2.40pm Just been asked to leave Tiffanys - very amusing.

3.15pm My camera's attracting attention, I forgot how much fun it was filming with the general public, where's my first? God damn it, shut this street down I got shots to get, ha no way, you're on your own now girl. I wonder how many multi million grossing directors would fare out there in the field without their army of a crew around them?

5.15pm Reviwing my rushes in Bar Italia - a lot of shots but I'm planning on a snappy edit which means a whole days filming working will go by in a flash, how many days do you say I've got left now?

8.30pm Just seen an award winning short film, very tasty. Director tells me to keep one eye on the real world, not to make film my whole life. I know she's right but when you've spent the last two months holed up writing scripts you find the fictional addictive and too colourful to turn away from it. Enter PRESENT: TENSE it's got me looking around, grabbing images out of the air again. That can only be a good thing. 6 days and counting...


6.15AM Shot out of bed with a strange mixed feeling of fear and excitement. I never sleep for long on a shoot, but not tired. Worked through our script ideas - struggling to make the visual transition between Bling -Club / Rap Culture and Death - I know the images I'm going to get but for the piece to feel whole, I need to travel the audience through these seemingly contrasting ideologies. It's the contrast that makes it difficult, and exciting. This oppostion of styles, Bling V Graveyards is also necessary to the story we're trying to tell, it's what these bombs did, took one world where people were out enjoying themselves and destroyed it, permanently, fatal, cut to black.

7.30pm Still no word from my writer, not worried, honest...

8.20pm No word, No light, No film....bugger.

9.20am Seaching for flights on the internet, some great last minute deals, very tempting, I could send a postcard 'good luck guys, my thoughts are with you...'

10pm Chris' s email just came through, we're on the same track, great, the idea works, hope I don't run out of time to do it justice. I'm off to the graveyards with my camera, this filming lark's just so glamourous.


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