stepping into the breach

my virgin blog right just looking for the button and the fucking time runs out which would be fine but your man here turns my computer off. livid. Obviously great week for my modem to run away with clare brunette wigan student, daily sport. as unemployed and invited to a blog party. i feel like i am back in maths coming out with excuses to mr coates.

No-one in my flat has brought up bali once, had a mate over for dinner did a lovely beef and ale crumble to finish no word. now i am not claiming i'm the epicentre of political debate far from it but the more apathy i meet the more conviced i am. it develops a new importance rammed by our nations attitude. 5 live news not a mention.

telecomunications green lanes palmers green just before north circular is open till 11 and stayed open to 11.15 for me last night while printing morgan's play. there was a sense of community as he passed me the pages he knew it was time to get stuck in like the blitz or challenge anneka toddlers past their bedtime carrying tins of emulsion for fire fighters for the t.v room of the old peoples home.

well done morgan 17 page epic she had that lovely hysterical tinge to her voice when we spoke ater i read it, every word i said was wonderful in her eyes. if you ever have to split up with a partner make them write a play in a day, read it and tell them your having an affair with their 12 year-old brother, you get put up for the OBE and smothered in those warm kissses that come only after orgasms and suprises.

and weve got a cast great news, was fun calling the actors while play was being written. turn out lovely parts allot to say though. great cast beccy elise, jenny maitland and morgan's friend kris.
in the morning morgan used the word choppy.
'its a bit hard for them as its quite choppy'
by midnight
'yeah well its not too bad for them because its quite choppy.'

so it's exciting. i seem to have things to do earlier than expected feeling the pressure now as i'd hoped i could get by with hiding behind the manic hustle, get the play on thursday night half written but oh no. responsibility here it comes. lets hope we can do morgan's words justice.


Anonymous james g said...

weird, isn't it, how numbed we seem to have become to acts of terror. nobody has mentioned bali to me either, yet on sunday night i was sure it would dominate the front pages all week. today:

the times, p.35
daily mirror, nib p.21
independent, p.22
daily hate mail, nib p.30

so a series of suspected al quaida suicide bomb attacks on civillians is, after 48 hours, relegated to news in briefs 30 pages down the news agenda behind pete doherty, the tory leadership contest and the solar eclipse.

is that because terrorism has become passe? or because bali's been hit before? or just because it's bali, and who cares as long as it's not london?

whatever. but perhaps the disappearance of bali from the front pages makes this an even more vital subject to address. looking forward to sunday.

Blogger George Perrin said...

...does no news not just mean no new news? Surely Bali will hit the papers again once there are names or photos? Is it a mis-diagnosis to call the public apathetic or numbed rather than disempowered? Surely everyone cares, but what do you DO? The papers can't re-report what's already been said

Anonymous james g said...

do the people decide what they care about, though, or do the papers?

voyeuristic photographs of colleen mcloughlin having her card rejected in madrid's chanel store probably sell more papers than mutilated indonesians. isn't that why colleen's on page 3 and bali's on page 30? and is that because colleen is what the people want, or because colleen is what the papers give them?

playing devil's advocate of course, but still...


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