Too big..too big...

I've been wrestling with a few ideas amid doing another film (for Geroge - he's busting my balls this week!). So many distractions from keeping me working, but when I have been I've been scouring the internet for stories and articles for that wonderful thing called inspiration. I have to keep telling myself that I need to actually get a film out at the end of this, so anything with multiple casts in various locations with strands of stories going off here there and everywhere just won't cut with a short film made so frantically.

Sue, I salute you in having actually got something shot!! I'm still sat here scratching my head. I did have an idea that ultimately was too big for this project, but something that I could definitely take away with me for the future (so there's a bonus!). I'm playing around with another idea I have, which is a small piece about a mother of one of the bombers. How do they cope with it? What if they believed they had done a good thing, but also, deep down they're hurt at losing a son...hmmmmmm. Or is it an absolute thought that their son is now in heaven, and he did the right thing, and praise allah!

Ultimately I would like to find some small, minute story that would be related to Bali (or other) bombings, and just expose it for a few minutes, to chip off at the issue, rather than try to get to the heart of it and try and find answers. I'm rambling now, and this is just another outlet for me not writing the script. Then casting, then rehearsing, then shooting, then editing aaaaaggghhghhhhhH!!!

First some food though.


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