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this is something that i saw in the guardian the other day which i found really interesting and provoking, i love the question. also the artist behind it sticks empty speech bubbles on posters and lets the public fill them in. it is a really democratic process, and you never know what response you'll get. this is for james as he wanted some pictures.


Anonymous james g said...

thanks will.

great, thought provoking picture, and a brilliant snipe at the bible-toting bush administration. anyone who wants to see more can visit http://www.thebubbleproject.com/

for those not present on sunday night when the topic was decided, one of the things a lot of people wanted to address was the rise of the christian right in the US. we decided against that in the end, because it's a concept rather than a specific story. but judging by will's picture, i wonder whether the topic of terrorism calls to mind the bloodthirstiness and brutalism of the christian right as much as it does islamic fundamentalism?

and if so, has 9/11 acted as a catalyst for regression to religious ferment? before 9/11, didn't it feel like religion was marginalised and the result was a slow but steady progression towards global tolerance?

Blogger Fiona said...

Has 9/11 acted as a catalyst for regression to religious ferment?

I support the idea that before 9/11 religion was indeed marginalised and that we were moving towards global tolerance. If 9/11 has acted as a catalyst for a return to religious domination, then I can't help wondering whether we should be asking further questions. Like, has this move really been constructed? Should we explore alternative explanations to what is happening in our world today? Could these alternative explanations lead to suspects of an entirely different nature? How about conspiracy theories? Could a government really resort to killing its own people for political, economical or religious reasons? That answer is yes. Many people suffer at the hands of brutal dictators and corrupt governments. It's old news.

I read a recent article where the author highlighted the fact that the world's breeding ground for terrorism also happens to be the place that contains a huge quantity of a costly raw material that creates rivalry between powerful nations. He also found it strange that the reasons given for the cause for this increase in terrorism actually dates much further back than just the past 10 years or so. Israeli injustice against Palestinians goes back for more that half a century. Hatred against the West is nothing new. What precisely it is that has aggravated the situation so gravely as to produce such a dramatic increase in terrorist activity has yet to be explained.

Isn't it true that Arabs and Muslims have many enemies and the more they are tainted as evil terrorists the easier it is to justify their brutal treatment, the invasion and occupation of their countries and the general re-drawing of the Middle East map?

Even if the Arabs and Muslims have something to gain from these destructive acts, shouldn't we be asking who else will gain? And shouldn't this question extend to governments all over the world - including the British government? Should the 'terrorist reality' be questioned further? Instead of reality, should we call it the 'terrorist hypothesis' instead?

Not sure exactly what this has to do with Bali but I think it links in with it to some extent. Looking forward to seeing what Al has written for Toby and myself. Very interesting project!



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