Arghh - slow down!


Some of you know me - hello again - some of you don't - very nice to meet you. Sorry i couldn't make the meeting on Sunday but coming on here now has thrown me right into the whole process very quickly. Gav - 2 songs - stop showing off! ;-)

I am still at very early notes stage for my poem. Finding the subject matter tricky. As a performance poet, you can very easily sound like you're preaching and so I am desperately trying to avoid that, but at the same time trying to treat the subject with the relative respect it deserves (that'll be relatively quite a lot then, Luke).

Anyway I have some ideas now and think it might be quite a loose multi voice piece reflecting terrorism through the many eyes of the media. So some crass bits in there two, but ultimately dealing with desensitisation of these ordeals.

Anyway, good lukc to you all and I look forward to meeting you all on Sunday.



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