the excitement is palpable...!

Well I decided to post a final pre-show blog as probably won't get a chance tomorrow. Today I went along to a rehearsal. And get this....my actors were off book! Pretty much completely! And I'm not saying I didn't expect this but if anyone has been reading these blogs from the beginning they would know that this piece is 17, yes 17, pages long....and they know it!!! Not only this but Hamish has been nailing the direction so much so that I had very little to add or say and could simply sit back and enjoy!
Apparently one of the reasons for their brilliance (they reliably informed me) was that after yesterdays rehearsal the actors found a pub and did a line run. Despite wierding out the locals and being accosted by a smack addict it apparently went very well and really helped with the lines...very method daaaaahling (the whole piece is set in a pub).
So am very impressed with the team and their dedication and enthusiasm and so grateful as well!!
I worked my pub shift tonight and was faced with a familiar person that I assumed was a regular but eventually realised was Will who is directing Al's piece! And he was with with Fiona, one of the actors in their piece! We swapped stories and generally chatted about how great this week has been and how we hope we can do it again...hint hint Nabokov! But it was great to bump into them.
So all that remains to be said is well done everyone and I really can't wait to see what everyone has come up with!
see you tomorrow! xxx


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