Rehearsal two...

Hi all,

Last night, Will, Fiona and Toby came over for the second rehearsal, all very exciting and exponentially frightening. I left them to their own devices whilst I met a couple of friends for some food. I'd met these guys in Edinburgh over the fringe, and we talked a bunch about what we were all up to. We started to talk about the Present : Tense project, and all about the representation of Bali in the media, and, they started talking about their experiences in Thailand over Christmas last year. Totally unbeknown to me, these guys had first hand experience of the tsunami disaster, had been trapped in the waters and beaten around by the wreckage. Unprompted, they pretty much reeled off first hand experience accounts of all of the topics that have been raised on this blog - most pertinently the view of disasters in the media. What really came across was the distance that we perceive ourselves from massive events, and how dulled those perceptions become as soon as you step away from them. Their stories were stuffed to bursting with details which I'd love to cram into the script, whether it be through lines or through Will's direction. I came home, and found Will and the cast running through the script, and I filled them in on these guy's experience, and it all seemed to strike very close to home. I hope they come on Sunday.


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