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keeping you all up to date...I shot some stuff around London today. Was fun just to get out there and do something. As I was doing so, new ideas kept popping into my head drawing the idea of the film into new directions. I'm just going to let the idea go and see what I end up with on Sunday. I'm becoming more interested about the apathy with the world's media on bali. Well not just the media, but your everyday joe walking down the street. It's like nothing happened. You can really sense it as you're walking on the streets - the bombs just don't mean anything.

I fear that I might be editing this right through Saturday night - I'll have to cancel that fancy dress party I was going to go to. Damn, I was looking forward to dressing up as a 1940s fighter pilot... I also have a cold coming on too, so I might be quite close to dying when I turn up for the showing. I'll wear a quarantine suit if I'm particulalry contagious.

After a few restless nights, it feels really good and exciting to get the ball rolling, albeit a bit late. I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone else brings to the table. Good luck to everyone for the few remaining days we have!!

ps - here's something to make you laugh. A bit late seeming as it concentrates on the american election - but a great little film!



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