beginning to panic...

Oh dear. Thursday already? I was supposed to have everything set for today and shoot a masterpiece. Unfortunately that ain't the case! My ideas have been changing constantly, over and over and over again, due to lots of different things-but mainly my indecision. Bummer. Although I'm expecting something great to happen now that I'm backed up into the corner, armed with my camera. I suspect that I'm going to be editing this thing right up to the wire. You'll be getting one hot DVD to play on Sunday, right off the burner.

I've been out shooting some grab shots today - after having got up at one, whoops. But what I got was really nice...I think. I'm just hoping that once it's all edited together, the damn thing will make sense and make the audience go "ooh, aaahhhh" instead of "what the fuck was that..." I'm going to get a bagel to recharge, then go film some more. I'm off to the tube. Let's hope I don't get shot as I'm carrying a rather bulky black camera bag....ho hum


Anonymous james g said...

you joke, az, but this morning at king's cross there was an unusually heavy police presence and when i walked past two people had been stopped so they could be searched. both were young men of asian appearance.

is it acceptable to stop someone because they have the same colous skin as a suicide bomber? after all, in skin colour i resemble any number of rapists, murderers, paedophiles and n'er do wells, but nobody stopped me.


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