kuta, second draft


just had our first rehearsal of 'kuta' with george and our actresses. was very odd to have something so fresh in my head suddenly read out loud. like being caught half-naked by a grandparent. or something.

enough about me flashing to the nearly-dead. back to the script. sat in the paines plough office just about to endeavour with a significant re-draft. after a big chat with george, we've decided on some major changes. we decided to concentrate on the story-telling aspect of the piece and hopefully the changes will enhance this.

fingers crossed.

am very tired. want to read all the other blogs but need to write first.

joke: how many Fruedians does it take to change a lightbulb?

answer: penis.

er i mean two.


and they said i couldn't write.

oh fuck.



Blogger clea said...

Hi dave
Sorry my dad told me that one two weeks ago. Thanks for the script, you're one talented cookie, actually having fun learning lines, which, I had better get back to with near on 48 hrs to go.........


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