One down...

Well, we had our first rehearsal tonight! And i echo Dave's comments about very new and fresh script. Though it was wonderful to hear it all out loud and get it out of my head!
The actors are brilliant and I feel so excited about watching them over the next couple of days! Poor old Becci is pretty ill at the moment but dosed up with drugs so soldiered on through! Jenni was, ironically, delayed by a bomb scare in Nottinghill but made good time! We had corpsing and I did some cutting. And it all seemed pretty positive to be honest! They will be rehearsing tomorrow and I am going to go and sit in on their rehearsal on saturday.
I am definitely very excited and very positive but who knows what will happen?!
Me and Hamish had a good meeting before the rehearsal and went through all my intentions which to be honest were all very fresh and scrappy but I surprised myself by revealing a bit of a method to my madness...but I have every confidence in Hamish and his brilliant ability and am surprisingly relaxed!!
god this is a rollercoaster!


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