All change!!

Got up this morning, after being tempted to the pub last night. I was good though, I didn't stay for too long. The plan today was to meet up in the afternoon and shoot the scenes with my actor - that would complete everything I need for the film leaving me the rest of the day and tonight to edit.

The search for an asian actor was a bit tough. I got a good contact from James who was really great, but busy all week and weekend. He did give me numbers of other asian actors that worked with him on Bombay Dreams. Cool. Unfortunately they too were busy. But I do now have contacts for my graduation film! So I'm still without an actor. Then I suddenly remember one of my friends from film school used to be an actor in India! Brilliant! After some persuasion he agrees to go ahead and after a meeting in the pub last night, we were all set to go.

So I meet my producer in Cafe Nero on Long Acre this morning. Then my phone buzzes. A text. My actor has pulled out. He got totally drunk, threw up everywhere and had only just woken up!! Damn!! Should've made him sign a contract! Aaaaggghhh, actor's pulling out. It seems to be happening all the time. The last film I made was plagued by this. Oh well...

So over a not-very-nice cup of Cafe Nero coffee, my producer and I rehashed an idea out of stuff that I had already shot....and we came up with a ridiculously simple idea (well I say we, but it was mainly her...!). I think that it will be really effective, and it still gets across my idea of life carrying on regardless, whether through apathy or through determination. Either way, these things happen all the time all across the world.

So the film will probably end up being more a 'piece' rather than a narrative short film. Oh well, roll with the punches.

See y'all tomorrow and good luck to everyone who will be actually up on stage and performing tomorrow! I can just hide behind my girlfriend whilst the film is playing!


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