1st draft done

last night me and chris and the rest of aisle16 were in manchester for the poetry festival there. it was great, but did involve about 12 hours spent in a car during the last 24 hours. consequently i haven't exactly had much time to be sitting down writing poetry.

joel16 and i got back to essex about 7pm this evening. had a curry. watched derek and clive. smoked cigarettes, talked about derek and clive. talked about the fact i had to write a poem about terrorism, or suicide bombings, or bali or something... by sunday. i did my usual thing of saying 'oh, i'll do it in the morning, i'll feel refreshed then.' but we're in luton tomorrow doing poetry boyband to luton people. so it just kind of welled up inside of me. i felt ill. i went upstairs and wrote out over 2000 words worth of quotes from heat magazine - the idea i had was to talk about potent news through impotent, nonsense media - felt ill at the shit peddled through heat and alike. sat down and speed wrote a first draft. took it to joel. he didn't think it was shit. i have now worked through the first draft and i'm gonna finish it tomorrow.

this is the first peom i have written since may. i feel kind of relieved. this process seems to have helped actually. i'll keep you posted.

"... tell you what though, it didn't half give me the horn..."


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