2.30PM Been searching high and low for a decent graveyard. So far I've only stumbled across a few headstones, where do we keep our dead in the suburbs? Getting desperate so head into a church and talk to the priest 'hello I'm making a short film, and am in need of a good looking graveyard' he looks at me like I've just sworn at him. Made my apologies and left but not before saying a Hail Mary, it seems you can take the girl out of the church...

4.10PM Ask and the lord will giveth... found my graveyard and get to work, only to be interrupted by a phonecall from my editor, he's got paid work in Soho, flatline, game over, thinking about digging myself a hole right now.

4.30PM Panic conversations with my producer 'what am I going to do?' He thinks for a moment 'why not do the edit yourself?' 'WHATAREYOURCRAZYIGOTAWEEKTHAT'SITYOUWANTMETOMAKEA FILMANDLEARNHOWTOEDITINJUSTONEWEEK' phone goes dead, maybe he lost signal I tell myself.

5.15PM Soldiering on, getting my shots, although I fear it's pretty pointless at this stage. Get a text through, my producer's just spoken to an editor on the Da Vinci Code, apparently there's nothing to it, pah, what does he know.

6.30PM Chasing ravens around Bushy park, I get the feeling they're having a little fun with me, everytime I get close to the shot they fly off, so I'm running around after them cursing, much to the fishermen's amusement, why I am I doing this again?

7.45PM Sit down in front of the AVID editing suite ok mister be gentle with me, we haven't got time for any funny business. Start playing it footage so far so good, maybe it's not as hard as I think.

9.35PM Windows message pops up 'fatal error' AAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH


8AM Meet Chris at Earl's court, take a look at his lyrics over a coffee, damn they're good, trying to edit them but there's no need - get into the studio and he lays down his vocal track with my fab sound designer Mark. Despite only having had four hours sleep (this man loves to work!) Mark nails it and cuts me the track in minutes. Realise quickly that the hip hop bed will over power Chris's lyric so we try something else, laying in a composition Mark played me last week - I knew when I heard it I wanted to use it but I had no idea we'd be turning it around this quickly. Clutching the CD track in my hand I leave the studio smiling, maybe it's not hopeless afteral.

11.30AM Yes it is hopeless AVID hates me.

12.10PM My editor Emile administers medicine over the phone and talks me through the basics, 'send the Avid my love' he tells me 'I think it needs it.'

4.40pm Just checked the clock, editing is completely absorbing, actually it's rather brilliant, I want to shout from the rooftops, 'it's possible, if I can do it then you definately can, let's make movies baby.'

5.15PM 'fatal error,' back to square one.

9.30PM Got a sequence that's starting to make sense, turn off the computer for the night, wonder if my day's work will still be there in the morning?


8.45AM Sequence still there phewww! Now I'm needing a little something to end up with, some kind a scavanging, end of the end type feel...

10.10AM Looking at Vultures, funny creatures, the stench of rotting meat is making me queasy.

11.30AM Just spent the last twenty minutes watching the penguins feed, fantastic animals poor things have no idea they're being abducted by crazy american evangelist cause to 'disprove' the theory of evolution, I don't think they'd agree with that somehow.

2.30PM Back on board after quick chat with the lovely old lady who lives on the island, tell her I'm making a film in a week, she thinks I'm nuts. Last time we spoke I was telling her how difficult it was to get a feature of the ground what with it costing so much money etc she told me
to 'go stand in the middle off the road and swing my knickers round above my head, anything to get their attention'... and I'm the crazy one?!


10.30AM Just caught up with everyone's blogs, brilliant stuff, really looking forward to seeing everyone's work on Sunday, and we've sold out, fantastic, can't wait, hold on, I haven't got a ticket...


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