well look it's getting close so it seems appropriate to say i hope everyone – directors, writers, filmmakers, poets, singer-songwriters, contemporary dancers, tabla players, skiffle groups, and mime artists alike – is doing well and whatever stage you're at, not freaking out completely.

i find everyone's comments and updates helpful, honest and insightful, particularly joel's short entries. they're like lovely haikus. joel, i salute your formal brilliance. i'm looking forward to your actors and your accents and your languages. on a similar note, has anyone else noticed the symbiotic balance between the zen like calm of george's postings, and joel's jet set (well, leeds), coffee and booze fuelled anger. have you two worked together before? you sound like a good match.

everyone has been by turns lucid and encouraging. be good to meet those of you who weren't about last sunday.

i'm not really sure where my play's at. it's odd trying to transform a news story into a piece of theatre, very hard to get beyond a headline. i'm still not sure if my piece is adding anything positive to a debate or simply detracting from the simple power of news item to inspire empathy and emotion, as it did in us. there is something very direct and truthful about the structure of a news story. "Two boys were shot in McDonald's in Brixton... two youths have been arrested... two youths have been released". i find this lack of detail a provocation to thought and imagination, and what i'm doing, i think, is following the logical train of those provocations, and writing something that gives my perspective on events. and that seems to be a more limiting experience than the original starting point.

in all honesty, i think this week has been inspiring and beneficial for me as a writer, but i couldn't say i think what i've written puts anything back into the communities this story has affected.

i would like to add this isn't a criticism of this project, or this process. i think nabokov have set up a simple and brilliant provocation. i'm just trying to examine what i'm doing, i think in the hope it makes it better.

judging by chloe's absence from the blog i reckon she's been spending less time talking and more time writing. a woman of sense, talent and insight. but i still live in hope she might respond to my childish baiting and post something.

i'm meeting my actors today. i've spoken to some directors this week who advised me to keep it simple, so i've only got two questions for them. have you read it? and how quickly can you learn lines?

come ead chloe moss, what you up to?


Blogger George Perrin said...

the present : tense world awaits a Chloe Moss blog...


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