finally cast (sorry vicky)

I have two fantastic actors for Joel's play. Tunde Makinde who has previously worked at the Southwark Playhouse, Royal Court and Traverse and Nitzan Sharron who was most recently seen in Mike Leigh's 2000 Years at the National Theatre. We're working Friday evening and all day Sunday so it will be nose to the grindstone right through until Sunday evening.

Thoughts that have been gathering this week reading everyone's posts have been about pride. Most people (myself included) have written at some point about the disparity between their experience and the assumed experience of someone prepared to acquire and with the need to aquire and use a gun. But it seems that the motivation is often, and could have been in the case in Brixton, pride. And surely we all know what the sensation of having to defend or lose our pride feels like. Perhaps it's simply what you have to hand in the moments that you decide to defend it, that makes the difference.


Blogger Vicky Jones said...

You have Nitzan??!! he's awesome! i'm so jealous. well done. yes, that was profound. your words have shaken me a bit. in a good way. xx


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