moving on not moving on

i'm tired, partly from this, partly from other work, and as my recent posts will testify, this isn't conducive to moving the play on. i can't think clearly enough to write the play so i write this instead.

i have a cast, a good cast. i am happy.

i haven't directed in ten years. this makes me nervous and excited.

i find reading the thoughts of the other contributors by turns inspiring, chastening, and provocative.

i have a working title. exotica.

exotica seems to be gaining some kind of life beyond the impetus of the news item. had a really good chat with a friend simon, a writer. helped focus.

the play, i think, is about trying to reignite the embers of a dying and valued relationship, and in the process doing something ugly and brutal.

it is very important to make the play dramatically alive and completely about the relationship between the characters on stage and what they are trying to do to and for each other.

i think it is lazy and immoral to derive an emotional currency from the emotional impact of real events. i believe this is to take advantage of the goodwill and emotional generosity of an audience. this is not to say the power of a real event has no place on a stage. but working on the principal that if you have nothing to add it is better to keep your mouth shut, i think a writer has an obligation to attempt to shine some kind of new light on an actual event rather than simply regurgitating that event.


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great title john


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