ohgodohgod i'm not cast. breathe. remember to breathe. can't do anything if don't breathe.


Blogger John Donnelly said...

that's okay, vicky. i've always wanted to see you act.

don't worry. it really will all be fine.

Blogger Vicky Jones said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Vicky Jones said...

thanks John. and don't rule out the possibility of my theatrical debut. and chloe's, for that matter. Take more than adrenalin to fix those performances...

Blogger John Donnelly said...

vicky, how did you do your hyperlinks earlier. my urls just appeared as normal text?

Blogger John Donnelly said...

and i want to know what the removed post said.

Anonymous james grieve said...

if it's any consolation vicky, i broke my all time record for last minute casting at the weekend when i secured an actor at 9pm on saturday night for a 10am sunday rehearsal. you've got loads of time. ahem.

Blogger George Perrin said...

did you get my suggestions Vicky? sorry we keep missing each other. call me this afternoon if you can and still want some thoughts...g x

Blogger Vicky Jones said...

John, the hyperlinks - no idea, just cut and paste it. Maybe some people just have the touch..? As for the removed text - spelling mistake. Vainly editing out my stupidity, i'm afraid. You guys are braver than me.

James, Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm STILL not cast, however, and am struggling to remember what it ever felt like to be cast for anything.

George, yes, i did, thank you. They were great suggestions, but unavailable, unfortunately.

How does anyone feel about our bit being more of an open rehearsal than a performance - as such?

Anonymous techncical ed said...

quick note on hyperlinks...

when you put a link in a post, highlight it and click the little icon at the top that looks like a globe with handcuffs on it. that should make it a hyperlink.

gosh. i'm like well technical.

Blogger John Donnelly said...

thanks technical ed.


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