casting is awful. it's awful when it doesn't work. it's a quagmire of guilt and misery and hope. the enduring feeling is that there's always something you could be doing to make it ok. But there isn't, there really isn't. not at five to one in the morning. i know i should go to bed and sort it out in the morning. i also know, on some level, that it'll all be okay in the end. and yet i can't quite bring myself to go to bed yet. just in case it all suddenly sorts itself out because i am paying attention. oh dear.


Anonymous james grieve said...

don't i know it. i hate hate hate hate casting. it's truly horrible.

but like you say, it does always work out in the end even if you've gnawed your fingers down to their stumps before it does.

let me know what you need and i might be able to suggest people?


Blogger George Perrin said...

Vicky you're cast! Post the good news of your fantastic actors... gx

Blogger Vicky Jones said...

Sorry, yes, i'm cast. Hooray!!! you see?! you see?!!! thank you so much to George, John and James for tons of help and encouragement. I've got the lovely Arthur Darvill and the lovely Amanda Wright. And very little time to rehearse with them... but we'll be fine. I'm cast!

Anonymous james grieve said...

brilliant. what a great cast.


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