casting complete

colin farrell, who you may have seen in ballykissangel, is playing the role of dexby, and samantha morton, who was in an early series of cracker is playing elufi. colin jackson, the retired hurdler is making his debut as holmes, which we're all very excited about, with brian cox (who's just left the cast of rock n roll in the west end) still to confirm. if brian's not free, bradley walsh has kindly agreed to step in. brian eno is burning the candle on a soundtrack with femi kuti (by email, they couldn't coordinate). mike bickers, who did the lighting for the original production of tommy is on board, with alan bennett sitting around filing sir paul smith's toe nails while he sews the costumes, just because i said to.


Anonymous james grieve said...

feel somewhat foolish at having got to brian cox before realising this was a wind up. [blush]

Anonymous intrigued said...

who have you really cast?

Blogger John Donnelly said...

who is this? is it pinter?

intrigued? intriguing more like.

well, if you're going to be all coy, i'm going to be all obtuse... the answer's out there somewhere. try draft 3 in and casting underway if yer still want to know.


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