Short Fuse - first rehearsal

So we had our first rehearsal tonight. I was vicious with Joel, pushing for clarity. There's something exciting about working on a play with such an impending deadline but it requires a shorthand in rehearsal that doesn't allow for a lot of space around working the piece. Particularly in this play, where we have 6 or so scenes, 8 characters, and all the other accents and languages to contend with there are stages with rehearsal - we concentrated tonight on clarifying the story and the journey of the play. Nitzan and Tunde now have a joyful Saturday ahead of themselves getting familiar with the script before I work them all day Sunday getting the piece onto it's feet. It was great to finally hear the play out loud tonight - I strongly believe that Joel has written something intelligent, heartfelt and urgent. More news on Sunday. 44 hours and 10 minutes to go...


Blogger Joel Horwood said...

Man, if you call that vicious, you should have been there for the 'FOOD' rehearsals. I should be able to defend every aspect of it, if I can't it's got to go. We just pared it back. I'm fine not to listen to all the bollocks, not trying to hurt feelings shit, I can tell when I'm being precious and unclear and when I need to stick to my guns. It was cool.


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