Oh, so THIS is blogging?!...

Jesus, I wish someone had told me. I've been sat in a car park all week watching dodgy people having sex. I wondered where you lot were!

Sorry. Please forgive me. My phobia of blogs (I've never done one before, they scare me) and complete technophobia (I only sent my first email about two years ago) are no excuses at all I know.

Thank you for the footy analogy though John...not sure however if it's going to be true...

I've had a really good week, it was a bit of a toughy at the begininning I must admit but an enjoyable toughy...actors are ace and I'm well looking forward to tonight.

What a shame I've discovered the joys of the blog in the eleventh hour. To compensate I'm going to just keep writing to everyone detailing my daily routine for the rest of my life.

I'd love to write for longer but I'm off to do line runs.

Really genuinely sorry for my blogsence (Absence from the blog...duh? don't you know anything?) I really am. And feel guilty. I'll buy all my fellow bloggers a drink tonight.

Good luck chaps can't wait

Lots of love

Chloe x

Do you put things like 'lots of love' on blogs?


Blogger John Donnelly said...

where was my drink?


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