Just recovering from rehearsal. I felt nervous and exhilerated. There's been no time to distance myself from what I wrote. It felt vaguely obscene seeing something I imagined only the day before out in the open like that.

I have jumped away from Dr Turner and her story for my play. Like Duncan I wasn't sure what I could say about euthanasia. For me, in terms of should it be allowed or not, there is no debate. Instead I wanted to think about viewing euthanasia through different expectations of what happens when you die.

The shape and feel of the thing came into my head way before I had even decided that, or had any story thoughts. I knew I wanted beginning, middle, end, and I wanted it to be fast, moving around, with time jumps and a mix of dialogue styles. After that I just went mostly by instinct as I had to do given that most of my brain had shut down with the lurgy sickness and I was too weak to move. Hopefully I managed to get the shape right and also some meaning in there as well.


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