The Adrenalin is pumping!

I've had a frustrating day having to split focus, rehearsing understudies into one play while at the same time trying to absorb Tenas first draft. We spoke last night and she said she was going to work on it today and email the second draft. I managed to find a computer in between rehearsals in Cambridge to see if it had arrived, it hadn't, but it was only lunch time so back to rehearsals. I didn't get another chance to pick up till i got home tonight at 10pm she texted to say she'd sent it so i willed my train to get me back to London as fast as it could.
It's very different from her first draft but different in a very good way. I've just finished speaking with her about it, difficult as i've read it very quickly only twice and i've not had time to absorb it. But I wanted to chat and just talk about my initial response and casting. Is it really Thursday tommorow? I was hoping to start tommorow and now thanks to the fabulous Dougie Henshall who has agreed to take on the role, we can!Initially he was concerned about the amount to learn in the short time, I completely understood this it's a monologue of about 12 mins, it's a big ask but he's said he'll give it a go.
So i'm off to get my head into the script and to discover the world of this new character. so till tommorow.


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