present: tense / five


The return of the toughest creative challenge in town...

present : tense / five
Trafalgar Studios // Sunday 3 June 2007 // 8pm
Tickets £10 // Box Office: 0870 060 6632

present : tense is back with another stellar line-up of top artistic talent taking up the gauntlet.

present : tense challenges some of the UK’s most exciting artists to respond to the most important news story of the moment in just seven days. A group of playwrights, directors, film makers, poets and musicians convene on Sunday 27 May to scour the newspapers for the most significant story on the news agenda. They each have seven days to create a piece of work that responds to the topic they choose. As the news changes, they will be forced to adapt their work, until it is performed for the public exactly one week after they began on Sunday 3 June at Trafalgar Studios in the West End.

Throughout the week, you can follow their progress on this blog, where each artist will post daily updates.

present : tense aims to be backlash theatre at its most responsive, offering artists the chance to have their say on the most important issue of the day.

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Take a look at the Archives of this blog to see blog posts from past present : tense events.

present : tense is hosted and curated by nabokov. hello!


Blogger Nic said...

Wow! I get to be the first. Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a good time. Just to say - excited. Dom and I met today to do some writing, there's so much stuff out there esp on the web. I'm really interested in the way it stirs my emotions as well as the wider political/social ramifications of it - which seem to sometimes - but not always - coincide. And the weird thing is - will anything happen this week? What if it does? What if it doesn't? How do we all feel about that - we all have our personal wishes based on our piece as well as our human feelings about the story. Which is weird.

Anyway I'm rambling, I'm tired - but glad to be embarked on this journey. See you all on Sunday!

Blogger Nic said...

Check this out http://news.sky.com/skynews/video/videoplayer/0,,91210-1267768,.html

Blogger dom fitch said...

Hello, thought I'd blog a little number as I've kinda wound down in work now.

I found the news footage really interesting yesterday of the McCann's meeting the pope.

It was obviously a very profound and moving experience for them both as Catholics, one as an aetheist (maybe agnostic) I wasn't really able to empathise with.

Then in the press conference after they expressed their desire to get the search spread world wide...

I find the desire to keep active and not give up is really inspiring but kind of tragic. It's interesting how the media don't seem able to keep the story going but they seem to really want to. Like the parents they can't let go and want to keep this in our minds.

I'd be interested to hear how other people are getting on.

As Nic mentioned we have been writing stuff and had a few ideas and will make the show on Saturday in rehearsals. That's the plan anyway.

Blog off for now
Dom small change theatre

Blogger George Perrin said...

gents post these blogs on the main blog page rather than as comments - they'll be much easier to see.



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