thoughts from Kat

My thoughts were to write a piece, that looked at Homophobia in the black community and especially the church and the historical impact of the legacy of missionary work and the resonace it has on black society today, esepcially as the Carribean and some African countries have such issues dealing with people who do not live a hetrosexual lifestyle.

I find it ironic that this issue may cause a split in the church as it is something they advocated in the first place and still do in many instances.

Been trawling through articles and websites, trying to gather infromation and looking out for anything new in the news, now the joke is to write learn and then perform this piece by Sunday, as well as do my normal stuf, sleep, eat, go to work!
How will this all happen, hell knows, just hope I do not make a fool of myself on Sunday, trying not to doubt my abilities but trust in them.

I may just have to pray.



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